Watching your home while you're away.
$25 per Home check visit.


Thorough walk through of your home to check doors and windows are secured, locked, and verify no sign of illegal entrance has taken place.

Ensure alarm system is functioning properly (if applicable).

Visual inspection of interior walls and ceiling, under cabinets, toilets, and any appliances to ensure there are no signs of water leaks or mildew.

Inspect for gas leaks.

Confirm air condition or heating is running.

Periodically rotate lights and window coverings.

Run taps, swish and flush toilets.

Check appliances to ensure they are functioning (fridge, freezer, hot water tank, furnace etc).

Inspect home for signs of insects or rodents (deal with these accordingly).

Ensure systems are functioning properly after power outage and deal with spoiled food if needed.


Ensure Landscaping Service is being performed as scheduled with by the owner.

Visually Inspect House, roof, gutters, and grounds for any unexpected damage.

Retrieve packages, newspapers, junk mail and leaflets.

Forward mail if requested.

If a pool or spa is present, check to make sure scheduled maintenance is being conducted as scheduled by the owner.

Complete a perimeter check of your property to confirm windows and doors are intact and no signs of tampering.

Start and move vehicles if requested.

Check exterior plumbing, hoses, and faucets.

Check for pests.

Check for any storm/weather damage.

Email a Home Watching report after each visit with photos if needed.

Whether your taking a last minute getaway, a long overdue vacation, travelling for work or leaving your vacation home for the winter, Okanagan Concierge will make sure your property is well taken care of while you're away.

We can come in to your home and walk, feed and spend time with your pets; water your inside and outside plants; over see services. We can monitor your home for storm damage and ensure the heating/air conditioning and other appliances are functioning properly. We will contact you and with your permission, make the necessary arrangements to begin the repair process.

And after each visit I will send you an update by email.
$25 per Hour.

Arrange and oversee home repairs.

House cleaning services.

Grocery shopping / Fridge re-stocking
(cost of food not included in hourly rate).

Errand running.

Receive and/or forward mail, packages and forgotten items to absentee homeowners.

Senior/Family check-ins.
I cannot prevent all things from happening. But it is my job to make a comprehensive visit and notice an irregular, or damaging, situation in the early stages before it can become a disaster or affect your Insurance Policy and/or Strata-Rules compliance.

I will contact you right away if I notice any issues.