Starting at $25 per visit

Thank you so much for your interest in our Residential Home Watch Services. If you should have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Whether your taking a last minute getaway, a long overdue vacation, travelling for work or leaving your vacation home for the winter, Okanagan Concierge will make sure your property is well taken care of while you're away. We can come in to your home and walk, feed and spend time with your pets; water your inside and outside plants; over see services. We can monitor your home for things like storm damage and ensure the heating/air conditioning and other appliances are functioning properly. We will contact you and with your permission, make the necessary arrangements to begin the repair process.

Using our visual inspection check list, all of our home watch packages include the services listed below for no additional charge.

- Visually Inspect House, roof, gutters and grounds for any unexpected damage.
- Ensure doors, windows, and shutters are secured.
- Retrieve packages, newspapers, junk mail and leaflets.
- Visual inspection of of sprinkler system to ensure there are no leaks in the system and that it is functioning properly.
- Ensure Landscaping Service is being performed as scheduled with by the owner.
- If a pool or spa is present check to make sure scheduled maintenance is being conducted as scheduled by the owner.
- Pest control management
- Confirm air condition or heating is running and temperature is set as the home owner requested.
- Adjust thermostat if requested.
- Check to make sure doors, windows and shutters are closed, secured, locked and verify no sign of illegal entrance has taken place.
- Visual inspection of interior walls and ceiling to make sure that their is no sign of water leaks and mild or mildew is not present.
- Open kitchen cabinet doors and inspect under all sinks for water leaks and make sure there are no signs of insects or rodents.
- Open refrigerator and freezer to ensure they are cooling properly.
- Inspect dishwasher, water heater and washing machine for signs of leaking water.
- Visually inspect home for signs of water leaks.
- Run water through all faucets (if not turned off).

$30 per hour (packages available)

Okanagan Concierge provides services that give you more time to do the things you love! We understand life can be a juggling act and the stress it can cause. Let us take way the stress and drudgery of getting every day errands done. We will gladly wait at your home for the cable guy or mail an urgent package before the post office closes. With those mundane errands out of your way, you will finally have more time to enjoy dinner with friends, your kids sporting events, exercise or even treating yourself to a massage.

Our list is not inclusive of all Okanagan Concierge has to offer. Don't see something on the list? Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your interests.

Errands / Shopping
- Personal shopping
- Grocery shopping
- Corporate & personal gift shopping
- On-line shopping
- Gift wrapping
- Holiday / special occasion shopping.
- Merchandise returns/exchanges.
- Dry cleaning & laundry drop off or pick up.
- Shipping and deliveries.
- Gift baskets.
- Floral delivery.

Personal / Home Services
- Companion to appointments and outings.
- Meal planning and light housekeeping.
- Organizing, sorting and de-cluttering.
- Animal care / dog walking.
- Project oversight and coordination.
- Home / closet organization.
- Garage clean out and organization.
- Donation arrangements/drop off.
- Light gardening.
- Home inventory for insurance.
- Address / send holiday cards.

$35 per hour

Let us help you take the stress out of your day by planning your next party or assisting you with your wedding! We can help with just a few details or let us do it all.

- Small event planning and coordination (managing preparation, budget, event schedule, decorations, hiring vendors, overseeing event).
- Anniversary, Birthday, baby shower, surprise engagements or parties are just a few of the events Okanagan Concierge can help you with.
- Day of wedding helper. Especially helpful if you are from out of town.

$25 per hour (packages available)

Okanagan Concierge provides services for seniors and their families who need temporary assistance. We are able to come to your home or retirement community. We are committed to excellence and understand every situation is unique as the individual.

Okanagan Concierge is not an in-home care service. Overnight services are not available.

- Offer companionship and conversation.
- Monitor eating.
- Check food expirations.
- Arrange appointments.
- Provide reminders for appointments.
- Assist with walking.
- Organize mail.
- Oversee home deliveries.
- Grocery shopping.
- Purchase books, magazines or newspapers.
- Maintain calendar.
- Light housekeeping.
- Laundry and ironing.
- Change linens / make beds.
- Pick up prescriptions.
- Errands.
- Walk the dog and pet care.
- Water plants.
- Escort to and from appointments.

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